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MAISONLEJABY’s mission is to combine nearly a century of design expertise with the modern woman’s need for elegant, high-quality lingerie. With a history rooted in design workshops in Lyons, France starting in 1930 and inspired by femme fatales on the big screen, MAISONLEJABY cultivates and perfectly juxtaposes what would otherwise be considered opposites – softness and intensity, minimalism and detail, classiness and audacity, and timelessness and modernity.

An authentic French lingerie house, MAISONLEJABY curates unparalleled garments that are an intimate reflection of the strong woman who wears them – a woman whose most beautiful asset is her confidence and whose most seductive feature is her ability to be herself.

Our Values  The Fabric

MAISONLEJABY is more than lingerie; it serves as the foundation of a woman’s identity and style. It’s the first layer, that when placed against her skin, offers a sense of power, and with its designs and carefully chosen fabrics, aesthetically symbolizes the complexity of a woman’s spirit.

MAISONLEJABY stands for empowerment, heritage, tradition, innovation, for women all over the world.

Behind the Seams Our Process

Where it Begins

A MAISONLEJABY bra consists of 50 pieces and 10 materials that are assembled in 22 manufacturing stages. Every season, Irina and Murielle, MAISONLEJABY’s stylists, apply and engage the traditions of the House to develop high quality, distinctive lingerie for the modern woman.

By imagining elegant and subtle colors and adding a twist of curated detailing for additional charm, they create new combinations of delicate materials to produce updated shapes and cuts.

A Trio Works Together

To define project feasibility, the stylists work closely with a team of textile engineers and sample-makers. The team utilizes sketches, design boards, color palettes and material ranges.

While the stylists are designing and the textile engineers are developing, the expert hands of our sample-makers bring the sketches to life. The prototype phase takes around 6 months. Each prototype can be produced up to six times in different materials and shapes, depending on feedback from the stylists and testing results.

& Over to You

Then, the sample-makers amend the prototypes after they are tested and adjusted to achieve the desired effect. Upon perfecting the model, the prototype is produced in different cup sizes. The corsetry expertise of MAISONLEJABY enables the creation of sizes for big busts.

To validate the assembly procedure, the seamstresses manufacture a small series. The series is then examined by the sample-maker before being worn and washed for feedback on comfort, material and fit.

After final validation of the patterns, the prototypes are sent to the workshops and put into the hands of our seamstresses.

Then, they make it to you!


The Birth of Lejaby

The 1930s ushered in an era of the femme fatale and is the starting point of our story. In that year, German actress and singer Marie Magdalene “Marlene” Dietrich wore a garter belt in The Blue Angel, which caught the eye of Marcel and Marguerite Blanchard, two fine cinema owners in Ain, France. Marguerite’s sister, Gabrielle, known as “Gaby,” was inspired by the glamorous and captivating images of the strong females on screen. She began to sew lingerie, which her brother-in-law put into production. “La Gaby’s bras” were an instant hit in the region. In 1930, Gabrielle’s nickname, Lejaby, became the name of the company that would later become MAISONLEJABY.


International Expansion Begins

With the emergence of new materials, like polyester, polyamide, acrylic and more, underwear could now be designed with a feminine appearance. Shortly after Gaby passed away, Marcel Blanchard opened a design studio in Paris where he created a variety of ready-to-wear garments. With the help of his talented illustrator, Gruau, who also happened to be a feminist, the brand’s advertising campaigns featured the hard-hitting slogan “Lejaby, une ligne du tonnerre” or “Lejaby, a thunderous line!” The successful campaign created a loyal customer base in both France and abroad.


More Than Lingerie

The 1960s will forever be remembered as the decade of freedom fighters. Women were achieving civil rights, and Brigitte Bardot was an icon of the generation. In 1960, after Marcel Blanchard passed away, two brothers from the cosmetic industry by the names of Maurice and Charles Bugnon purchased Lejaby and expanded the brand internationally. By negotiating the exclusive use of Lycra in France, the Miss Top bra, created in 1965, marked the arrival of stretch materials. The results were as stunning as the bra itself – more than 3 million were sold!


A Nod to Empowerment

Despite some difficult years for lingerie in the 1970s as an effect of women’s freedom and liberation, the brothers purchased Rasurel and kept only the swimwear line. Existing side-by-side with Lejaby, the company took a strong stance in the support of the women’s liberation movement by creating a brightly colored triangle bra dubbed The Liberty. Revolution was happening and Lejaby was happy to add fuel to the fire!


Innovation Takes Off

Lingerie was becoming a refined and powerful symbol of femininity. Lejaby made a bold move with its introduction of Jubilee, a lacy line debuting all in red. With details like guipure, another Lejaby innovation, uplifted and sexy bras showcased a woman’s personality and fierceness. To introduce its Eglantine line, the brand partnered with one of the brightest stars of the 80s, actress Isabelle Adjani.


Driving Tradition Forward

Making its way from extreme refinement to sophisticated minimalism, seam-free and microfiber underwear and lingerie was all the rage. The Cloud line sold a jaw-dropping 15 million pieces and would set the tone for continued expansion. With Maurice Bugnon’s death, the company’s executives were ready to take the brand’s legacy into the future.


Made For Every Woman

Lejaby has always stood proudly in support of women, of all shapes and sizes. In 2000, its first line exclusively for full-figures called Elixir launched. Using its expertise and technical skill, Lejaby created a technically innovative collection while staying true to its aesthetic appeal. Despite its patented lingerie designs, some difficulties still lay ahead.


A Rebrand in the Books

After decades of innovation, it was time to rebrand. MAISONLEJABY developed a new identity, while staying true to its traditional know-how and expertise. The first MAISONLEJABY boutique opened in Lyon, France and the e-commerce shop featured its 5 collections. In December 2016, MAISONLEJABY opened a second boutique in Paris in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, with an intimate address that feels like a home. The setting is designed as if a workshop were made into a dressing room – showcasing the story, while welcoming the customer inside.


An All-American Domain

MAISONLEJABY’s global success continues as her online doors open for an exclusively U.S. digital domain as the brand enters the American market. With the continued elegance of a traditional and authentic French lingerie house, MAISONLEJABY listens to what women want and delivers it in a comfortable, sexy, and quality product. The collections are meant to become your second skin – we warmly invite you in!

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